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Non Ferrous Release AgentsNon Ferrous Release Agents
LC414         Non Ferrous Laddle Coating Paste
          White lubricant and release agent with excellent heat             resistance
         • High Electrical & Chemical resistant
          Total non wetting with molten non - ferrous metals &             glass
         Easily applied like a grease
         High temperature resistance up to 900 °C 
          Specially formulated for Non ferrous – molten  metal
          Used in glass release application and ladle coating             application.
Mould Coat Mould Release Agent
          Replaces moisture, Good wet ability
         • Excellent rust protection
          Superior penetrating property
          Optimum area coverage
          Does not harm ferrous and non ferrous metals
          Release agent for variety of  metals includes zinc,             aluminum, lead, rubber and plastics
 White Lube Spray Multi Functional Spray
         High thermal resistance
         • High temperature lubrication
          Excellent thermal conductivity
          Very high oxidation resistance
          Excellent release property and Chemically inert
          Lubricant for chain,conveyor,open gear,sliding surfaces
          Used in high temperature furnance of glass factories
          Release agent for molding aluminum, molten metals,             molten glass and diamond tool and iron industries.
         New generation anti spatter spray for variety of welding
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