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  Maax Solutions Inc., was our first company established in the year of 2001 to explore and develop wide range of products   to meet the challenging demands in textiles and garment units and its has now grown to become a leader in stain Removers   technology and innovation. 
  Maax Lubrication Pvt Ltd, was started in the year 2010 to manufacture and to import speciality lubricants to cater the   growing demands   of   specialty lubricants in Automotives, cements, Engineering, Plastic, Food, Rubber, Electronics industries   and with our experience we know that the specialty lubricants has become an important for the various industries based on   several advantages they have over conventional lubricants.

  Today Maax Lubrication Pvt Ltd has its complete range of Aerosol products, (Maintenance products,   Electrical & Electronics cleaners, Corrosion Protectors) Specialty lubricants, Mould releases and Rust   preventive oils making it convenient and long term use in   extreme working conditions for our customers.
  Recently MLPL has built a new factory with sophisticated infrastructure to meet the needs of our   customers and to provide them with technological advantage. Our strategy is to strengthen our position   in specialty lubricants and to meet the growing demand in the industries in a committed way.
  We pledge to deliver best quality products, hi-tech service & on time delivery to our customers. Our theme is

 "Specialized Solutions for Specific Needs"

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