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Corrosion Inhibitors Sprays
 Wax guard 500      Anti Corrosion Wax Coating Spray
         • Displaces moisture
         • Leaves a thin dry waxy film
          Excellent long term corrosion protection
         • Non-staining mild lubricant
         • Safe on rubber, plastic & painted surface
          Easily removed by using solvent
         • Specially Designed for Plastic Injection Moulds dies,drill             rods, keys, shafts, spares, cutting tools,finished and             semi finished    parts, machineries,elevators, fork-lifts,             etc
 Mould Guard      Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitors spray
         • Provides extended long term protection
          Metal surfaces from moisture, oxidation and corrosion
         • Free from all metallic solids
         • Used for finished &semi-finished components Tools,             bearings,shafts, moulds etc.
Barrrier Guard 100     Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitors Spray
         • Displaces moisture
         • Leaves a thin oily film
          Excellent long term corrosion protection
          Provides lubrication, Protects the metals from salt water
         • Free from  heavy metals like lead, nitrites & phosphates
         • Easily removed by alkaline cleaners or solvents
         • Specially Designed for  Plastic injection moulds protection
         • Castings, tools, pipes, dies, chucks, Drill rods, moulds   
         • Pistons, cylinders, valves, keys, auto components
         • Spindles, measuring instruments, fasteners, impellers
         • Semi finished and bearings, shafts and finished goods             etc
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