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Lubricant Sprays
Chain Lube      Adhesive Chain Lubricant Spray
         • Good adhesive and water resistance
         • Low starting resistance
          High cohesiveness and silencing
         • High load carrying and wear protection
          Long term lubrication
         • Used for chains, fork lifts, sliding mechanism
         • Door hinges,Springs, Hoist etc
Moly Lube      MOS2 Assembly Lubricant Spray
         •  Low co-efficient of friction
          Outstanding load carrying ability
          Excellent emergency running property
         • Easy disassembly even after
         • Long usage
          Prevents stick slip & easy to use
         • Used in press fitting of plain bearing
         • Bushes, wheels, joints,guides & slide ways
Tef Lube     PTFE Based Synthetic Lubricant Spray
         • Excellent penetration, provides complete Lubrication &             Soft consistency
         • Low starting torque
         • Better load carrying & wear protection
         • Plastic & rubbers safe
          Specially designed for lubricating & silencing noise from             Door hinges seat adjustment mechanism joints shift             linkages
          Rubber mounting, chainsand eliminates noise from fan             belt
   Hi Temp 250   Long Term Grease Spray
         •  Excellent Penetration provides
         • Complete Lubrication
          Soft consistency & low starting resistance
         • Excellent water resistance
         • High cohesiveness and silencing
         • Service temprature range -30°C to 250°C
         • Open drives, wire ropes guide ways, chains, cables
          Bearing,hoists, sliding mechanism
          Fork lifts, springs etc
   CAS Spray      High Temperature Anti Seize Spray
         • High temperature anti seize
         • Prevents metal to metal contact
         • Seizing, galling & fretting corrosion
         • Ensures accurate assembly
         • Provides easy dismantling of threaded
          Parts even after long operational period
         • Effective anti seize for  bolts, nuts
         • Pin, pivot joint,exhaust screw connections etc
Silicone Lube      Special Grade Silicone Lubricant
         • Effective clean dust, dirt, wax and other contamination
         • Leads a long lasting smooth lubricant film
         • Reduces wear and tear
         • Non staining
         • Non corrosive
         • General purpose cleaner-cum-lubricant for Various             application in automobile, Plastics, paper, printing etc
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