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  Maintenance Sprays
Quick Spray      Multi Functional Fluid
       •  Penetrates well
        Loosens Rusty parts
        Magical Thin lubricant
        Excellent Cleaner
        Prevents Rust & Corrosion
        Removes Moisture
       • Industrial, Automotive , Cement
       • Chemical, Telecom, Pneumatic, Railways
       • wide range of general purpose Maintenance
ECC 500      Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray
       •  Fast evaporating cleaner
        Leaves no residue
        Non-corrosive and non-staining
        Penetrates well & effectively removes grease , dirt ,oil ,           flux &other contamination
        Safe and easy to apply
        Ozone friendly propellent
       • Electrical Switches ,Control panel , Circuit Breakers
       • Motors Contacts , Generators , Relays
       • Terminals Sensors , Measuring Instruments etc
Battery Care     Battery Terminal Coating Spray
       • Prevents salt and rust formation
       • High insulation property
        Excellent water and acid resistant
        High temprature resistant
        Does not get peel or crack
       • Specially designed for battery terminal protective           application used in cars, vehicles, UPS systems
       • All types of battery terminals
    Belt Kote  New Generation Belt Dresser Spray
       •  Eliminates belt slippage
       •  Reduce squeaking noise
        Adheres well into the surface
        Extends belt life and increases power transmission
       • Used for all kinds of round ,flat, V-beats on            compressor,pumps , fans, generator etc
    ECC 500 Online    Contact Cleaner Online
       • Fast evaporating cleaner
        Leaves no residue
        Non-flamable and non-conductive
        Can be sprayed on live circuits
       • Electrical Switches, Control panel, Circuit Breakers
       • Motors Contacts, Generators , Relays
       • Terminals Sensors, Measuring Instruments etc
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