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 Speciality Aerosols
MLPL range of maintenance products has been carefully selected to acheive maximum service life.

Our main priority has been to provide our customer with solution and all over products help to contribute to this goal.

Please visit the cataloque for product description and technical detail.
Designed to lubricate and protect metal parts under the most demanding conditions of heat, cold, pressure, steam and salt water exposure.

It forms a protective film which will not harden, separate or evaporate.

MLPL has a complete range of lubricant sprays used in Industrial, Automotive and other Industries.
Over corrosion inhibitors leaves a protective barrier that displaces moisture and prevents rusting to keep your mould to work freely.

Now application in the most difficult places is simple with our complete range of products.

MLPL has both Wax based and oil based products to meet the requirement of customers.
Excellent cleaner and degreaser, penetrates instantly to the remove dirt, oil grease.

Fast evaporating formula equipped with extension tube for pin point application.

MLPL has a complete range of cleaning sprays used in Industrial, Automotive, Electronic & Electrical industries and Telecommunication.
Dry film lubricant and coating that will bond better to all surfaces.

Will provide coating with excellent lubricity and low coefficent of friction.

MLPL has a complete range of Galvanising coatings of Alu and Zinc and Acrylic coating for PCB.
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